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15 Ratings

Poptropica Music, Vol. 1

Indiga Official

I've always been a fan of the Poptropica game, and when they came out with background loop soundtracks, it just got better and better. But now it's on iTunes? Oh my gosh. The pure joy I have every time I listen to this makes me want to hug the composer. Seriously. It's so filled with emotion that perfectly captivates the mood of each island. Even if you don't know what the heck Poptropica is, you should totally buy this soundtrack, simply because it's so well written. It's purely a masterpiece. It honestly and truely is. That's my review.

Poptropica! Wait what?

Your average Crafter

Mocktropicas music is messed up, it just kinda loops and then makes weird noises and then speeds up and slows down? whats wrong with it?

i love the game, it's a platform game.

🎵ITunes player🎵

& your avi is like the one's pictured above, you can buy outfits (they cost in game money you can earn by beating islands.. if you need help Think Noodles is a great help on Youtube.. & you can enter codes).. & you can change the color of your eyes/skin tone/hair on one of the islands.. which's kinda dumb & they should give is a avi building feature in the changing outfit area, also there's nothing wrong with the music, it has a soft music at first, depends on the situation, you know like if it where a movie or series?.. you can also change the volume and chat system when talking to an island character, like you can make it slow so you can take your sweet time when reading what there saying, or a bit faster so you can get on with the game.

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