12 Songs, 44 Minutes


About Corvos

Pop/contemporary string quartet Corvos fuses classical, rock and electronic elements to create a unique blend of traditional and contemporary music. Group members Pedro Teixeira (1st violin), Nuno Flores (viola), Tiago Flores (2nd violin) and Cláudio Nunes (cello) all hail from conservatory backgrounds. Da Silva, Flores and Flores all trained at the National Lisbon Conversatory, and Nunes trained at the Profissional School of Arts da Beira, lends the group undeniable credibility. Though late addition Pedro Silva (drums) is the only member firmly planted in the contemporary music world, Corvo's stylistic choices certainly lean in that direction. All raised on the music of groups like Deep Purple and Metallica, Corvo's members first sought to bring together the classical music of their training with the rock sounds they so loved in 2004. The group's debut release entitled Corvos Visitam Xutos, followed by sophomore release Post Scriptum, drew repertoire from rock legends such as Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and Kurt Weill. National touring between '04 and '07 turned Corvos' unlikely musical amalgam into a pop phenomenon all over Portugal. The band's third disc Jinx, released by the Som Livre label, took Corvos one step further. Their creative arrangements of hits "Burning down the House" and title cut "The Jinx" dominated Portuguese airwaves for weeks. The band graced numerous Portuguese TV programs decked out in black clothing and make up, brandishing electric string instruments cheered on by a young and adoring fan base. Jinx peaked at number 2 on Portuguese airplay charts, reaching amazing heights for a record of it's kind. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez