12 Songs, 38 Minutes


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Interested Lisnter ,

Uplifting and powerful music!

Downloaded album for one song and ended up loving ALL of them. Great music. Awesome and intriguing lyrics. Love the whole vibe of the album and hope to hear more from them in the future..!


A MUST listen!!

Love love this album!! Beautiful loving music. Well done!!! The love of the Lord in this album is breath taking!!!

tdoane01 ,

Awesome New music

“I don’t think a lot of Christians walk around feeling powerful,” says Linda. “There’s power available to believers in Jesus, and that’s the overall message I want people to come away from with this record.”

Showcasing Linda’s airy, cutting-edge vocals over an ethereal combination of electronic chillstep/trip-hop beats and synths with piano and rock elements, attributed to both producer Ian Eskelin and musician Clément Ducasse, the heart of Powerful expresses God’s sovereignty (“One God”), Jesus’ sacrifice (“The Blood”), His return (“A Scepter and Crown”), His grace (“Never Let Me Go”) and His strength (“You Never Change”). There are also sermon-type songs, such as the treatise on the devil’s tactics on “Powerful Lie” and the chill pop warning against sin, “Roar.”

Linda sings about devotion to God on the corporate friendly “All I Am” and album opener “Take Me,” the authority of believers on “Heaven Reigns,” and the need for the church to “Rise Up.”