6 Songs, 25 Minutes


About Anthony Valadez

Anthony Valadez's love for an eclectic range of music was fostered by listening to KCRW, a public radio station based on the campus of Santa Monica College. Raised in the San Fernando Valley, he eventually got into DJ'ing at clubs and later took radio gigs at California State University Northridge's KCSN, Los Angeles' listener-supported KPFK, and KCRW. In 2004, he ventured into remixing and producing by working with Carlos Niño's AmmonContact and Nick Rosen. After he connected with the Record Breakin' label, he released a 2008 single (on which he was joined by onetime neighbor Flying Lotus) and a 2009 album, Audio/Visual: Sounds Inspired by All Things Visual. He then moved to Plug Research, the label for which he had remixed AmmonContact, where he released Just Visiting (2012) and In Search Of (2014). Mostly relaxed, off-center fusions of R&B and rap, the albums featured guest appearances from the likes of Damon Aaron, Miles Bonny, Jimetta Rose, and Belleruche's Kathrin deBoer. ~ Andy Kellman