11 Songs, 45 Minutes


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4 out of 5

8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Primitive Race

Crucial BarBQ

Been following the respective bands here for most of my life so this collaborative effort is like a dream come true and it does not disappoint. Taking little pieces to form a whole, Primitive Race succeeds in marrying the last 20 years in a modern culmination of all things awesome. No need to even listen to the song snippets, just buy this immediately, get in your car, roll down the windows and drive with that smug feelling that you've just unearthed a true treasue that not many know exist...Spread the word.

Why is this under “Metal”?

Killer of Hope

what is this trash? and why is it under “Metal”? are they just trying to get more people exposed to this crap by putting it in random genres?

A real supergroup


I also have been a long fan of the bands associated with this project. It's so nice to have something new to put on repeat and love every song on the album. Great production! I hate to label but this is the best industrial album in a long time.

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