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About Ray Vicks

Rapper Ray Vicks was born in 1988 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He had a troubled upbringing, losing a sister to cancer, one brother to street violence, and another brother locked up in a life sentence for murder, all before he turned 16. He put his own life on hold to take care of his family, which included a daughter of his own, turning to crime and hustling to make ends meet. By his early twenties, he shifted gears, moving away from his illicit lifestyle to focus on music. He released several early mixtapes such as 2011's Trapped in the Hustle and contributed featured verses on many other artists' tracks. His 2016 single "Yola" brought the young rapper significant attention, in part due to a guest feature on the song from Gucci Mane. In 2017, he offered up the ambitious mixtape The Frank White Story, which featured cameo appearances from Jadakiss, Jay Lewis, Mista Caine, and others. He followed up the next year with Values & Morals, a collaborative mixtape with Mista Caine.