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About Shotta

A controversial MC from Sevilla, Shotta (aka Ignacio Gonzáles Rodríguez) began his career under the wing of his older brother, the equally well-noted Tote King. Together, they released the demo XXL in 2000, as well as a maxi and the LP Tu Madre Es una Foca in 2002, which broke records for a hip-hop album in Spain. Shotta's first solo album, La Selva, appeared in 2004. By this time, he was already an established Spanish rap star, and could benefit from many high-profile guests and producers. His trademark style was characterized by strong language and acidic humor: he was notorious for his rants against the church and the police, and his paeans to masturbation. However, by the time of his third album, 2011's Profundo, Shotta was showing signs of a newfound maturity and a heightened social conscience. ~ Mariano Prunes




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