31 Songs, 36 Minutes


About The Steinways

Pop-punk goofballs with an obvious fondness for cheeseburgers, girls, and the Ramones (not necessarily in that order), the Steinways hail from Astoria, NY, where the members previously played in a variety of local punk bands, including the Shy Guys, the Kevins, the Overlooked, and more. Guitarist and vocalist Grath Madden, guitarist and vocalist Ace, bassist and vocalist Michelle Shirelle, and drummer Chris Grivet started making music together in the spring of 2003, and a few months later the Steinways released their first EP, Bear vs. Man, which was drawn from their early demos. After playing a variety of punk rock venues in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island, the band finally released their first album, Missed the Boat, through Cold Feet Records in the summer of 2006. A 7" EP, Rocket Surgery, followed in the spring of 2007 from Don Giovanni Records, and the band hit the road outside the Eastern Seaboard to promote it, including a Chicago gig in the basement of a punk house that's home to two guys who used to be in Screeching Weasel. ~ Mark Deming

Astoria, NY
May, 2003