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31 Ratings
_Specter_ ,

Changed My Life...

Before listening to this album, I was working at a Giant Eagle out in North East, Ohio. Now, I'm well on my way to becoming one with "Deja Vu." After listening to "Been Here Before" I found out that there are many things that make me think "Wow, I have not been here before," so I am setting out to change that. Since then I instantly quit my job at the ol' Eagle and am now living as a nomad in Eastern Colorado. Life on your own is quite the challenge, so now I just beg for money in the streets by dancing to "Been Here Before" using my Beats Pill. Most people find it entertaining, and some even ask if I want to become exotic. Not sure what that means, but it sounds like I may have a future job lined up. People ususally throw me cash, but every now and then they drop some bud in the bucket and that usually pays for my night in the shelter. Although my life may never been the same, it is now one I can call my own and is unique to many. Thanks for putting out such a great Album, Phantoms. I look forward to dancing exoticly to more of your music!

Grant Hamilton ,

A step in the right direction for electronic music.

In the midst of a samey and boring electronic scene, these guys decide to release something new and interesting that really works. This swung style is a perfect take on the mainstream copy/paste house music of today. I'd love to see more from these guys, and I would be ecstatic to hear more varied stylistic choices like these in popular electronic.

PrimeTimeL.A. ,


I love the Phantoms and there live shows are incredible. The album matches there passion for creating great new and raw music. Can't stop listening to it! Download it now for yourself.

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