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So bad my anus clenched...


Just when I thought "That's What I Like" couldn't be covered or redone, Dance Gavin Dance just proved my point even further. The screamo parts made me clench so hard my butthole almost turned inside out.

What makes this worse is thinking about all the black-haired, hates the world, listens to My Chemical Romance, and shops at Hot Topic teenage girls that will probably like this...better than the original!

Dance Gavin Dance!


I'm excited to see how the other artists do these other songs :)

I was listening to DGD last night, wondering if they were going to release anything this year, lo and behold, this cover!

And I've been waiting for this Pop Goes Punk album to be on pre-order, so I'm glad that's a thing that's happened :)
(Kinda sad nobody covered Fetty Wap's Trap Queen or Jugg. Guess those are too 2015 lol)