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9 Ratings

for the Jesus Movement or nostalgic fans of 1970s folk/rock

At long last, the definitive version of "Put Your Hand in the Hand," the poppy/folky number which dominated the airwaves in the early 1970s. This song is a true gem for those that like upbeat songs and either love or don't mind the Christian message. As a Christian, "Put Your Hand in the Hand" remains one of the most positive, upbeat and accessible song that sums up the value of faith. But again, you don't need to be Christian to appreciate this well crafted song. The vocal harmonies are akin to other contemporaries of Ocean, e.g. the Seekers, Cowsills and others. The album, though, is not as strong as the single -- effectively rendering Ocean a one-hit-wonder group. If you like the style of the single, download "Deep Enough For Me" which is close enough to the timbre, meter and arrangement to the title track to be considered a knockoff. "No Other Woman" is pleasant and has a Grateful Dead feel to it. And Ocean's version of "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" is serviceable, though perhaps not the definitivie version of this song.


Put Your Hand In The Hand

I love this song as a kid. We used to sing loud as we could in church. When I heard it on Internet radio and the carefree memories came back. I quickly got the name of the group and look it up on iTunes and bought it.

Micheal J Wolfie


This song takes me back to the 70's and I remember it so well, thank you Lord for this!

About Ocean

Ocean's first single, "Put Your Hand in the Hand" (from the album of the same name) sold over one million copies in 1971 in both America and the band's native Canada. The gospel-rock band was comprised of Greg Brown (vocals, keyboard), Jeff Jones (bass, vocals), guitarists Janice Brown and Dave Tamblyn, and drummer Chuck Slater. Several singles followed during the early '70s, but none were as popular as the debut. Ocean disbanded in 1975. ~ John Bush



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