19 Songs, 1 Hour 14 Minutes


About Pyramids

Little is known about the secretive quartet named Pyramids, aside from their home base being in Denton, Texas. Yet their music speaks volumes of a maverick ambition to blend atmospheric post-rock, black metal, and harsh industrial elements alongside several less prevalent styles (art rock, hardcore, psychedelia, etc.) into a dizzying amalgam of their own. Presented to the world in all its head-scratching glory via the group's eponymous 2008 debut on Hydra Head, the band's curious musical voyage was accompanied by a second disc featuring remixes by the likes of Jesu, Blut Aus Nord, James Plotkin (ex-Scorn, Flux, Old Lady Drivers), and Ted Parsons (of Prong and Godflesh). It was followed by the collaborative album The Pyramids with Nadja in 2009. The set was mixed and mastered by James Plotkin. It also featured guest spots by bassist Simon Raymonde on two cuts, and vocalists Chris Simpson of Mineral and Albin Julius of Der Blutarsch on one track each. The Pyramids were featured on the five-cassette compilation Wvndrkmmer on Small Doses in 2010. Another collaborative project,with Jenks Miller's Horseback, was released as Throne Without a King in early 2012 on Hydra Head. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia



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