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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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Best new band I’ve heard in years...

As a Music collector of over 3000 albums this was a joy to hear. I’m from Oklahoma. A friend from New York recommended these guys and just when you thought guitar rock was dead they bring it to life. Buy the album. Don’t trust my ears trust yours.


Rockin, melodic, poetic

With profound lyrics at the forefront that describe everyday struggle and strong fondness to their close friendships, this album grabs you not only with great guitar licks but emotional content and beautiful harmonies. It is a band you immediately feel close to and want to know more about. A continuation of a great NYC lineage.

About QTY

A New York band to the core, QTY emits a classic blend of streetwise grit and literate songcraft, calling to mind the delivery of Lou Reed and the hooks of the Strokes. Formed out of the ashes of their previous band, Grand Rapids, guitarists/singers Dan Lardner and Alex Niemetz cut a series of demos during a 2014 visit to San Francisco that led to a deal with Dirty Hit Records before they'd even played a show. Laying low, writing, and playing the occasional secret gig, Lardner and Niemetz spent the next couple of years honing their material before introducing themselves with a handful of singles in 2016. Making it official with a properly publicized show at the Bowery Ballroom in early 2017, QTY released their Bernard Butler-produced self-titled debut LP in December of that year. ~ Timothy Monger