10 Songs, 34 Minutes


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5 out of 5

8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Absolutely amazing

Steph Nel

I pretty much love every song on this album, but my favorite has got to be "You Can't Teach Trouble to Sing." I'm pretty sure if anyone can, it's Alan Semerdjian. The poetry in these lyrics (and in all of the lyrics of all of these songs) just blew me away. I could listen to this album again and again -- in fact, I have. Every song is different, and every one is worth the (repeated) listen.

Beautiful Album

Johnathan Pinkhasov

It's difficult to find beautiful, honest songwriting nowadays, and this album is just what what its name implies - (I definitely need some quiet songs during these loud times.) I love the simple melody that hovers over the guitar in "Blackbird." The rich and full sound that the layers of rhythm, melody, and harmony create in "Your Enemy" definitely make it one of my favorites off the album. The lyrics are so relatable and make the music that much more enjoyable. Very sincere, refreshing, and definitely worth the listen!

Poetic, breath taking, honest music

Cloudy Ol' Sky

Picture yourself lost in a moment where everything seems to vanish and all you could hear is the sound of exactly what you want to hear. This sound leaves you feeling tranquil while stirring excitement deep within yourself. Everything at that exact moment is perfect. And then you realize the sound that moved you so much is Alan Semerjdian's music. You fall in love, smile and hit the repeat button.

His music makes you think, dream, live, breathe, love, all because of its pure honesty. I absolutely love his music.

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