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Pay attention here.....

Analog Pill,

Chinese Man, I salute you guys.

From The Groove Sessions Vol.1 and Vol. 2, which were a fairly strong albums in of themselves. However, both of them had a few tracks in the mix that fell short of the rest, preventing the albums from being their best.

The growth this small group of DJs knows as Chinese Man have taken is substantially clear. Taking what they have learned after producing each album and applying it to the next, bringing us to the masterpiece titled “Racing With The Sun”.

This album knocked my socks off. Each track is a gem and beside the fact they are masterfully produced and have very intelligent use of samples, more importantly they are GOOD SONGS.

To add, the album has a great sense of style that is consistent from the beginning to the end. It feels much more thought out then The Groove Sessions albums, and as a listener, you feel like you are on a journey as you listen to the album and work your way through it. The tracks are not just put in any order, its clear the order of the songs was taken into heavy consideration and I don’t think it would work as well if the order was any different.

In closing, I would say this album takes the craft of DJing to a new level. Much like The Avalanches did with their album “Since I Left You” back in the late 90s. (Which I would also recommend for the same reasons if you haven’t heard it)

Buy this amazing piece of work, even if you are new to the genre, you won’t regret it. Also, the album cover rocks.
Again amazing work guys, I hope this album gets you the recognition you deserve. Can't wait to hear more.

-The Analog Pill


Thug nasty biggems,

Not one to miss.

About Chinese Man

Chinese Man is a French trip-hop-influenced rap collective that emerged in the mid-2000s with its own record label and a series of EP releases. Comprised of High Ku, Sly, and Zé Mateo, the Marseille-based group sometimes counts among its membership affiliates such as producer Leo Le Bug, Le Yan, Taiwan MC, and MC Youthstar. With a sound reminiscent of early dub-heavy Gorillaz, Morcheeba, and DJ Shadow, Chinese Man combined genres with a heavy focus on beats and samples. Formed in 2004, they made their recording debut in 2005 with The Pandi Groove EP on their own Chinese Man label. A pair of EPs followed in 2006 (The Bunni Groove EP) and 2007 (The Indi Groove EP), before the release of The Chinese Man Groove Sessions (2007), a full-length album compiling the group's recording output to date. The follow-up album, The Chinese Man Groove Sessions, Vol. 2 (2009), was released a few years later and was promoted with a tour of France (a third Chinese Man Groove Sessions installment would be issued in 2014).

In 2011, they issued Racing with the Sun and a remix album, Remix with the Sun, the next year. A pair of albums -- Sho-Bro and The Journey -- arrived in 2015. While Sho-Bro was only a short five-songs long (and a couple remixes), The Journey was a split collaboration with Tumi that featured appearances by familiar crew members like Taiwan MC, Tomapam, and Scratch Bandits Crew. Their tenth full-length Shikantaza was released in early 2017. ~ Jason Birchmeier & Neil Z. Yeung

    Marseille, France

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