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Entertaining for the fan

This is for the hard core fan who has watched the movie dozens of times. It's a very casual "bunch of the guys" one take type commentary. I enjoyed it very much, but I have to agree with the earlier comments about Jose.



I purchased this a few days ago and was severely disappointed, I love this movie and was looking forward to hearing the people talk about it. There were very few new fresh insights and I am pretty positive Jose was drunk. The majority of the commentary is everyone trying to reel Jose in, where he often interrupts great stories with his drunken buffoonery. There are also weird breaks throughout. Not worth the price.


TOTALLY RAD! Just what RAD fans needed!!!!

This is the coolest thing to happen to RAD since RAD was in the theaters. I felt like I just watched RAD for the 1st time (and I've seen it about 50 plus times). Watching the movie with this behind the scenes audio gave me a brand new spin on the movie. I played the audio along with the movie on mute as directed and it synced up perfectly! I think every RAD fan will love this, and I can't wait to watch it again with friends! Thumbs up!

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