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4.2 out of 5
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44 Ratings

tribal4zine ,


Tea Leaf Green is by far my favorite band and because of that I support what ever direction or vibe they may be feelin' at this point in their career. I see this album as artistic rather then over-produced. I will admit that live, I may prefer to hear All Washed Up or Fallen Angel over My Oklahoma Home or Arise, though on this album it's probably opposite. Critics, pessimists, Auntie Em, I have news for you, this is not a live album! And you have to expect different things especially with such a cultured and fun band. I think people should understand that Tea Leaf Green worked very hard on this album and improved on a lot of things reagarding their new sound in general. It's not fun doing the same thing every single album and you shouldn't expect the same product when you have a relatively new bassist and drummer. Overall, I'd say this album is filled with absolutely well-written songs (a couple should be on the radio), which have been given intriguing twists and relaxing vibes. Bands evolve and if you don't like it then you aren't a true fan of the band and aren't very understanding of music. Tea Leaf Green is one of the best bands of the last decade and should be respected for the amount of hard work and sacrifice they put in for what little recognition they get back and deserve in music's society.

sugapablo ,

I hate to say this but...

...I don't think Josh can sing. :( I love the guy. He's a fantastic guitar player....but he can't sing. His voice is actually grating to me, and when his songs come up on Looking West and this new album, it breaks the whole vibe and flow of the record. Trevor's songs on both are great, but when Josh is singing, it's just....*sigh* Sorry, Josh. Still luv ya.

gingerleegreene ,

Sweet Tea!

I get so much from this album. Normally I just like to see these guys play live because I get so caught up in both the frenzy and the fall but this album is so great that I'm going to buy it for my family and friends as well as for myself. I really must share this great piece of art.

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