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This artist (now 16, almost 17; he's not 14 anymore guys) has been putting out great hits and I love his style. He found a great sound back in Robot Noises Among Other Things, but kept one beat in particular heavily throughout the album (the main beat before the drop of The Black Rascal). Then he began to branch out more, making minimixes and dipping into multiple genres and finding new noises to play with. He released Clockmaker along with one of my favorite tracks to come from him next to Firing and Étude Pour Deux, Lanterns, and now he has released this. This album, while admittedly not my favorite shows just how far he has come in just 5 years of making music. I am very happy to say it is an absolutely fantastic album. The music this kid can compose is on par with many big time artists (e.g. Skrillex, Deadmou5e, Datsik, etc.) and I am proud to support him and his amazing career. Palmer Hogen, keep producing great hits like this, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new sounds, and you will live to be a music legend.


1000 Wombats,

This EP is amazing... I just hope he keeps up with making songs with great melodies to them, it would be sad to see him go downhill into making straight up headbangers (which I like, but we already have enough artists for that).

My favorite song is Polar, but they are all great!

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