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Haven't I heard this before?


Oh yeah they sound exactly like Jimmy Eat World. Message for the band: GO AND WRITE SOMETHING ORIGINAL. STOP COPYING WHAT OTHER PEOPLE DO AND FIND YOUR OWN SOUND. Why is it that every band that comes out has to almost exactly copy another band that is already successful. These guys aren't going anywhere until they can sound like themselves and not somebody else. Pass on this-don't waste your money it would be better spent on gas.

Pretty good, but a little of a dissapointment


I heard about them cause they're doing a show near me in a couple weeks. I looked them up and after I heard their first single, Ready to Roll, I couldn't wait for their cd to come out. However, this is too poppish and I was hoping their stuff would be a little bit heavier. Although "I'm Breathing" is a fantastic new song, the rest of the album is just ok, nothing new or special. If you're not going to buy the whole album I would recommend just getting "Ready to Roll" and "I'm Breathing."

Agreed wit the other guy

Chipp man

yes they do sond like them but its not like, awful, but yea, most bands are getting known easier becuase of the internet and now, there are so many bands with record deals, that everythings losing originality. bak in the day, bansd had to play live shows all the time, and would finally get respect and a record deal but now ppl can just post a song a myspace or youtube or somwhere and get known

About Jet Black Stare

Vancouver hard rock group Jet Black Stare were founded in 2007 by Rod Black (vocalist), who started writing songs after becoming frustrated with the creative direction of his former band. After meeting Shane Hayes (bass), Black formed Jet Black Stare (the name was inspired by a photo of Johnny Cash) with Hayes, Flip (guitar), Dave Muselman (guitar), and Dan Swinimer (drums). The group signed with Island and worked with songwriter/producer Jeff Johnson on its debut album, In This Life, which was released in July 2008. ~ Katherine Fulton

Vancouver, British Columbia, Cana



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