10 Songs, 38 Minutes


About Bonson Berner

Argentine indie electro-rock group Bonson Berner began as a solo moniker for musician, photographer, and architect Lisandro Aloi as he spent time in the mid-2000s playing live around Buenos Aires and southern Brazil with his experimental rock band Siga la Flecha. From the beginning, he incorporated the visual arts into his musical endeavors, whether using performance artists and photographers as part of live presentations or making music videos that would be featured on MTV Latin America and beyond. After relocating from Argentina to Los Angeles, but recording in both Buenos Aires and L.A., Aloi collaborated with producer Guillermo Porro for Bonson Berner's debut, the Joy Division-haunted Passport (first released as How Can I Be an Immigrant If I'm on My Planet). Folding Porro and keyboardist/programmer Diego Cuevas into the lineup, the band's brooding, musing second album, Reflection, was released in the spring of 2015 by Forty Below Records.