10 Songs, 28 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics. Mastered for iTunes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics. Mastered for iTunes

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4.8 out of 5
83 Ratings
83 Ratings
timinator4434 ,

One of the all time greats.

How this album only has a small number of reviews boggles my mind. This is one of the most legendary works of metal and it is easily the most aggressive metal album ever written. Despite now being 30 years old, it has not aged one bit. Despite the fact that half of the songs are shorter than 2 minutes and thirty seconds, the album does not suffer one bit. All of the songs provide an adrenaline rush, with the two peaks being the bookends of the album. If you have not heard either of these tracks, then immediately stop reading this and go listen to them. They are two of the most legendary songs ever written in music. The opening track, "Angel of Death," sets the tone to an album better than just about any other album in the history of music. Tom's opening scream is bone-chilling and grabs your attention like you have never experienced before. If there is any one track that you should associate with Slayer, it is "Raining Blood." The only other song that even stands a chance of being more well-known in metal is Master of Puppets, and even then Raining Blood is not too far behind. The thundercrack, the riff, the drums, everything about this track causes it to stand out and above all of its peers, and is the musical equivilent of a needle of adrenaline being directly pumped into your heart. Even if you don't listen to metal, this album is a must-own for anyone who is a fan of music. 10/10 would recommend to any and everyone.

Death Doom & Thrash Metal Head ,

Greatest album of them all

This, And Justice for All, Master of Puppets, Operation Mindcrime, Moribund Tales and Rust in Peace are the landmarks of 80s metal. All of the aforementioned albums are 10s but this is a 20 on a 10 scale

P Yac ,

The soundtrack

The first time hearing this album I said "this is the soundtrack to hell". Phenomenal tracks from start to finish. I'll be listening to this album when I into my old age.

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