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15 Ratings

Remains by Doppler Effect

Computer Generation

Ramscoop is a cool track, also dig where album goes deep, Imminent Death + When + Beyond the Valley of the dead, Great album!

Remains Arrives!

Cowpunk Bob

From their erstwhile angst filled youthful days, the sleepy Hudson River hamlet of Dobbs Ferry, NY never even suspected for a moment that the duo of Nick Kane and Kol Marshall had been nefariously scheming the demise of the so called "pop music" industry for the majority of their young lives. They had hissed with scorn at the names of Duran Duran, Milli Vanilli, and Richard Marx, and had embraced the sublimely delicious darkness that was in flavors of King Crimson, Flipper, and Brian Eno. Hair grew long, and items that were never intended to be used for musical purposes found themselves making contact to the singing steel strings of guitars, while children's toys were twisted into instruments of a dark pied piper with a razor sharp jack o'lantern grin, enticing children away to what they thought might be a happy place with no broccolli, but instead turned out to be a sausage factory low on their secret ingredient. "Remains" is the long awaited arrival, and it does not disappoint. As a matter of fact, it enraptures the soul. It's better than having a plate of bacon, a beer, and sex all at the same time. It is an album that goes through you so much, that even your DNA absorbs it, and remembers it for future secretion into your glands.

"Ramscoop" does not waste any time in pulling you kicking and screaming into the damp wormhole of existence, where figures of Mighty Mouse and Mexican skeletons dance in contorted poses. "Frozen in Amber" is crunchy with a side order of crass behavior served on a bed of hot glue. "Beyond the Valley of the Dead" is the black leatherclad ballad that Jim Morrison wishes he wrote. "Suicide Christmas" is going to be placed in a loop on a CD that I'm going to give all of my friends for a Christmas present with the words, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" written on it, just so I can hear and see their gasps of astonishment when they slide it into the Bose. "When" and "Imminent Death" are the new Goth anthems for a desperate generation that would sentence Roseanne Barr to the Death of a Thousand Cuts in public if she tried to sing it before a ballgame. Capping it all off is the most excellent cover of Flipper's "I Saw You Shine" which does indeed capture the primal instinctual need for (as Darby Crash once said), "a beer and some damage".

Five stars for the album, five stars for the music, and throwing stars for the ninjas standing behind you RIGHT NOW!!!

I'm sliding.


Doppler Effect "Remains" is that 3rd giant cup of coffee in the morning. Dark & sweet. You can't leave home without it! Download to your "I" device now! @Punkyou520

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