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8 Ratings



I'm speechless...sitting here thinking to myself how to word this in a nice way. I think it's weird. I thought it was going to be something sweet maybe to cry too, but it is way off what I thought is was going to be. I listed to this because I'm a Micheal Jackson fan. Hope her other music isn't anything like this.

Girl what?????

Aaron cannot and will not,

Ma'am...MA'AM. Are you serious right now? I just saw the "video" with your high school dancers and dollar store masks and makeup, and this is how you pay tribute to the Kind of Pop? Like, wasn't Thriller the most expensive music video of all time? And you pay homage with a Motorola RAZR video? Oh yeah let's talk about the song since this is iTunes. First, I don't know why you are attempting a pop music career at age 72. At least you still look sorta fine. Second, I really wanted to believe you were trolling us but you actually seem to be serious since you put this mess up for actual purchase. Your vocals are terrible, I can't understand why you have a Canadian accent in some places, and the beat reminds me of the haunted house levels in Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo. "I was your PYT?" I hope James Ingram sues you for plaigiarism, fraud and defamation for even thinking about invoking the legendary lyrics of that song. Just a big ol' FAIL all around. Goodbye!

Sheer brilliance!


I quite loved the song and video. Yes, at first I wasn't too sure how it would turn out, but I could not take my eyes off of it! And then to find out that it was filmed in my own back yard, Sacramento, how did I miss out in becoming a part of it! Ola, you put effort and care into this, regardless of what people think, MJ knows your intentions and appreciates you for being with him since the day you met! Go on girl!