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BlueSolar is the Spirital Sucessor


A great album. My favorite remixs are by far the Bluesolar songs. However my favorite 009 Sound System song of all time "With a Spirit" is unfortuantely its Bluesolar's weakest mix, wasn't bad but didn't have the same "spaceout soundscape" vibe his Dreamscape, Holy Ghost and Holiday mixs have had on me.

I really hope they give that song another go around with an extended Chill mix. I really want to hear "With a Spirit" get the proper treatement and more remixs in general.

Hopefully the next Remix album doesn't have so many Born to Be Wasted remixs. It's not that these mixs are bad, but between the first and second album there are 11 remixs. 009 has a vast library, it would be nice to hear some more variety.

These collections are still overall really good and Bluesolar if you read this, bring more With a Spirit!!!

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