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Grown folks, rejoice!

John Jones,

If you graduated high school before 1995, chances are you mourn the R&B music of the 80’s and 90’s, when lyrics and melody played a bigger part than beats and rap cameos. Luckily James Day’s “Repertoire” can transport you to that golden age of pop/soul, and with the eclectic track listing’s sequence, the album plays like your favorite old school soul station. Things get off to a running start with “We Dance,” an infectious, classic club song that finds Grammy nominee Maysa Leak sounding as young and joyful as she did on her earliest recordings with Incognito. Audrey Wheeler deftly handles the sexy mid tempo number “Rewind” (which comes complete with some gorgeous bridge chords) as well as the catchy ballads “Natural Thing” and “Repertoire.” Glenn Jones proves he hasn’t lost a single bit of his vocal chops on the house cut “Don’t Waste the Pretty,” the always-impressive Trina Broussard does her thing on the lovely “Dance Again,” and Donnie closes out the set with “RSVP,” a danceable party no could refuse the invite to. But while all of the singers are in top form, what’s most striking about this album is the attention to song craft, not to mention exquisite production that’s full but not cluttered. The focus is always squarely on the compositions…right where it belongs. James clearly longs for the good old days of R&B, and it’s a major compliment to say he’s created an album that would be completely believable with a 20-year-old copyright. This isn’t throwback, it’s classic. Songs like these never go out of style, and here’s hoping like-minded DJ’s add James Day to their repertoire. Radio would be a better place because of it.

Dance again featuring Ms. Trina Broussard is amazing


What a great body of work. Dance again is on repeat!!!

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