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371 Ratings
Theatreprep765 ,

Haunting and Powerful...

If I had to describe this movie soundtrack in one word, that word would be: Haunting. This soundtrack is truly a testament to how effective music can be on a film. Though "Requiem For A Dream" is a terrific film, the sountrack made it what it is. I left the theatre more moved by the soundtrack and how it related to the character's plight that the imagery presented by the film. "Lux Aeterna" is the quintessential example of this with the almost horror feel of it. The strings in this soundtrack are so well presented, that I had an impulse to learn violin :). I highly recommend this soundtrack to lovers of the more modern classical style of music, and to those who loved the film. If you have yet to view this film, I recommend seeing it immediately, to witness the true effects of drugs upon the user.

moonbunny31 ,


This is a good album. Lux Aeterna is a really good song, but wasn't the one I was looking for. The one I was looking for was faster and a bit more intense. If you're looking for that one, it's on the Requiem for a Tower album broken up in three 50 sec. segments. Someone posted a review on how to get them in the right order and it works.


Yeah it's pretty good. That theme is immortal now, thnx to LOTR trailers!

This is pretty good, and is composed great, but the arrangement isn't what it should be. Some of the transitions within the tracks are not very smooth, sometimes it is to a good effect but other times not. Secondly, there are a few tracks that are very similar. Dreams and tense are used alot. Another thing is that alot of the songs are short, so you think you are getting a really good deal for 10 dollars for 33 tracks. The run time is 50.9 minutes. My favorites are( no particular order): Summer Overture/Crimin' & Dealin'/ Hope Overture/ Bialy & Lox Conga/ Ghosts/ Cleaning Apartment/Marion Barfs/ Southern Hospitality/ The Beginning of the End/ Lux Aeterna.
The not so great tracks were:
Chocolate charms; there isn't much to that song.
Coney Island Low; I am not sure why it was included, I can barely tell what is going on in the track. There isn't really any music in it, just what you hear in the sample. Maybe if you have seen the movie it makes sense.
I may complain but I did buy the whole album and I am not sorry.
Watch out for the track Ghosts, it will lull you into a false sense of security, then make you jump. It did for me! If you just want the famous track made so by the Lord of the rings and zathura trailers, then I would download cleaning apartment/Marion barfs/ summer overature/Hope overature.
This is probably a more affective soundtrack if you have seen the movie. I havent seen it yet, viz, I am not old enough. Don't listen to the samples over and over again trying to decide if you want to buy it, just get it! If you listen to the samples too much the songs sound weird when you hear the whole thing. It isn't what you expect. I am not sure why I like Bialy & Lox conga so much, It is just so bone chilling with that piano tune....
Get it and you won't be disapointed. 10 dollars is nothin'.

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