15 Songs, 57 Minutes


About Mount Sims

Mount Sims is a powerful, sexually charged trio when viewed through the eyes of their gimmick, but in reality is the sole creation of studio maverick Matt Sims. Based in Milwaukee, WI, the singer/songwriter inherited a gigantic record collection from his brother and began his crash course in classic R&B and soul. As a teenager, Sims joined several rock groups and began to learn the intricacies of the various genres he was playing in. Stepping into the studio to lay down a few tracks, he ended up with a highly erotic record that reflected his love of electronic music, soul, and classic '80s new wave. Drafting in dancers Eric and Lisa, a straight-faced duo that added a provocative touch to his already bizarre image, the "band" signed to Emperor Norton Records and released the sensual Ultra Sex. A humorous, complex, and groovy collection of songs, the album was a big hit with the neo-electro/new wave revivalist set and brought him a healthy amount of attention from the mainstream press. ~ Bradley Torreano



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