29 Songs, 55 Minutes


Ratings and Reviews

lyrikal general ,

A Music Experience

This album proves that there are still new territories with music that haven't been discovered. This isn't an album with one or two songs you'll enjoy and then become background noise. It's a real experience - like an instrumental movie told by notes and intermediate narration. This is fresh, entertaining, enjoyable, emotional, and ground-breaking. I will definitely be looking forward for more things to come from Airship Enoch.

eniale ma ,

Return of Aftereden (story Mode)

This is an amazing new concept in role playing music which takes you on the most incredible adventure. This record is a must buy if you want to be at the beginning of a very new quest. I am looking forward to more quests and records in the future. This will definitely become an amazing movie. !!!!! The music is fantastic as well. On the cutting edge of what music is moving to and Airship has created a whole new genre.