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3.4 out of 5
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5 Ratings
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PC3 has finally "RETURN'd" =)

TBT review. . .

1. - Great
2. - Just as great
3. - Sounds like something off of their "One" album - which is fantastic
4. - Great surprise this one
5. - Better than great .... words just can't describe .... the awesomeness
6. - When Grant writes a song, you get this little gem
7. - It doesn't get more pc3 than this
8. - "Banquet Table" epicness any1?
9. - continuing the legacy of greatness
10. - LOL
11. - It's back in the glory of a studio version . . . yay!
12. - wish their was a hidden track here..... but 1.-11. will do fine =)

Seriously, this album has been worth the long wait and any Serious Fan should consider this the "Serious Fun" of 2011.


It's missing that album feel...

It saddens me to say that, as a PC3 fan for many years, I'm quite unimpressed by this album. I love Paul, Grant, and Phil and what they've accomplished as a band over the years, but this record really seemed like a major step back to me. What I find is that it's missing the clever lyrics, riffs and tunes from One, New Map of the World, and Serious Fun. While this is my least favorite PC3 record, there are still gems hidden within it that are worth downloading. Show Me the Real You is classic PC3. Disregard my bashing of the album and download this song. It is definitely worth more than a 90 second clip. Forever Friend is another. This is a song the band has been singing live for many years. You may even get to meet cabaret boy if they choose to sing this one at your show. The first single, I Don't Know Why, is a fun upbeat song that should definitely be a part of your collection as well.

If you're going to download a full record by PC3, don't bother with this one. Go get New Map of the World. They won a Dove Award with that album and you'll be able to tell why once you fully delve into the songs and their lyrics. Also, don't pass up on One. It is a brilliant follow up that has catchy songs you'll be singing at home alone or even in the car with your kids.

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