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Customer Reviews

Changing the face of local music in Singapore and beyond


It is indeed a rare sight, coming from Singapore to get local musicians doing any genre of music apart from the usual folk / acoustic pop / singer-songwriter-guitar styles that you hear across the pub circuits and independent album launches. So taking a listen to Eli T.'s Revolt was indeed quite refreshing


With influences from La Roux in songs like Prototype and Fallen, and a little bit of Usher in Fade Away, the music proves to be able to stand on its own in the international music arena. Locally, Singapore hasn't seen any commercial / indie releases of such a genre possibly due to the lack of independent producers / singer-songwriters, so this might be the first step into changing the face of Singapore music altogether.


Lyrics are a little on the dark side with most songs hinging on themes like love, being yourself, and being pressured into being someone who you're not. Lyrics are not profoundly deep but are sincere and portray a certain sense of anger and melancholy.

Being Singaporean, if more artists like Eli T. were to pop up in our local scene, I'd be proud of the diversity and quality of local music altogether.

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