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33 Ratings

A great vocal group

I'm sure I'm a bit younger than the average fan (I'm 29), but I've been a big fan of doo-wop and vocal groups of the 50''s and 60's for 15 years. This is one of the best vocal group albums that I have heard yet, and I own many. It is a rare case where EVERY song is top-notch and unforgettable. I highly recommend it!


Rhythm of the Rain - The Cascades

Heard this album playing over the Korvette's Department Store speaker system over 40 years ago...I bought it that day and played it constantly...until the British invaded our shores.....brings back wonderful memories and Im enjoying it today...same as I did then!


A true classic.

One of the greatest white doo-wop albums of all time. Every song is irresistibly catchy. It's extremely well-produced for a pre-Beatles era record, and the lush harmonies are impeccable. I've sung along with this record literally a hundred times. Side two (which begins with "My First Day Alone") is the better side. Each song is better than the one before. If you like the title track, don't just buy the single. Buy the whole album. You will not be disappointed. A side note: I found an original copy of the album in a used record store for five bucks. I looked it up in Osborne's Record Price Guide, and was shocked to learn that this rare album books for $100.00. After spinning it on my turntable a few times, I could see why.

About The Cascades

An intriguing vocal group from San Diego, the Cascades sang in a light, pop-oriented style, but managed a Top Ten R&B hit in 1963, "Rhythm of the Rain" on Valiant. It was written by guitarist/lead singer John Gummoe, who joined fellow vocalists Eddie Snyder, David Stevens, David Wilson, and David Zabo. They also became a major attraction in England and Australia. They followed "Rhythm of the Rain" with "Shy Girl" and "Last Leaf," but neither duplicated their earlier success. "My First Day Alone" flopped, and the group moved to RCA. But they never again scored a hit, despite recording for Charter, Liberty, Arwin, Smash, Probe, UNI, London, and Can Base. They continued until the early '70s. ~ Ron Wynn

San Diego, CA



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