11 Songs, 41 Minutes


About Gulp

Dreamy Welsh indie pop quartet Gulp was formed by Super Furry Animals founder Guto Pryce and his wife Lindsey Leven. Originally a home recording project that featured Pryce on bass and synths and Leven's soft, airy vocals backed by an old Roland 505 drum machine donated by her yoga instructor, Gulp took shape as a live band with the addition of guitarist Gid Goundrey and drummer Gwion Llewelyn. Their lush, optimistic songs find a unique balance between sunny retro pop and richly textured electronica. In June 2012, they released their first single, "Game Love," and ended that year touring the U.K. and Ireland with British art pop act Django Django. A year later, they released a second single called "Play" and continued gigging in the U.K. Their full-length debut, Season Sun, finally arrived in July of 2014.

Cardiff, Wales