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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.5 out of 5
755 Ratings

755 Ratings

and1GS ,

best album of the year by far by the best rapper in the game

Chamillionaire was the king of the underground and got the nickname mixtape messiah cause his flows were so insane. Don't buy that Mike Jones crap where he flows for 15 seconds slows down then repeats the same line 5 times. Chamillionaire has an innate ability to get his rhymes to blend perfectly with the beat. If you don't believe me, just listen to the chorus of peepin me, void in my life, and one of my favorites in the trunk.

Ill even tell you which songs you should buy if you dont want to buy the whole album, which you should because its just such a good album.

Turn It Up - first single off the album, my favorite record off of the sound of revenge everything about this track is insane get this record first

In The Trunk - sick beat and the chorus is insane while chamillionaire flows throughout the entire song without stopping

Ridin - Id never heard of Krayzie Bone before, but he delivers on this record and again chamillionaire is just non stop flows here

Frontin - real sick beat and do i even need to say it anymore? chamillionaire just flows with the beat so well in all of his records

Rain - This is around where the album starts to slow down with the exception of fly as the sky, beat wise not quality wise, and the beat is sick with chamillionaire again delivering with his rhymes very well

Fly As the Sky - insane beat, Rasaq and Lil Wayne are FIRE on this record and chamillionare flows like none other once again

Void In My Life - chorus really flows well with the beat and the entire record is a non stop flow by chamillionaire with breaks for choruses, insane record

Outro - this is the first time i have ever listened to an outro extensively, nice chorus and even when chamillionaire is basically talking, he rhymes so well that it turns into a really good record instead of just an outro

There's a reason why there was a bidding war for this guy. Chamillionaire is the best lyricist out there BY FAR and if you didn't hear him while he was underground, buy his album NOW and start learnin about the best rapper in the industry.


A New Dawn ,

This Album is fly as a pelican!

Okay, I have to admit that I wrote my last review based on only Turn it Up and Riding, not the whole album. Then I bought the album and I was blown away. Chamillionaire's flow, rhymes and beats are all top notch. Some rappers like DMX and Juvenile can have good careers without good rhyming, and some rappers like Eminem can have good careers without good beats. But Chamillionaire has the whole package, which puts him on a level of his own with Eminem and Jay-Z gone. He will definitely be one of the most important players in the rap game in the years to come. Here is a song-by-song review:
The Sound of Revenge: 8/10. Not excellent, but not bad either. Just a intro, but better than some.
In the Trunk: 9.5/10. This should be the next single. The beat is excellent. Although Chamillionaire is on the familiar topic of "I'm great! I'm rich!" He still delivers some original individual rhymes.
Turn It Up: 10/10. Everybody already know's about this.
Ridin': 10/10. My favorite track on the album. Although it's long, it never gets old. Who is Krayzie Bone? He's great! I love his rhymes.
No Snitchin': 10/10. The chorus on this song is excellent. I like how chamillionaire stays on one topic throughout the song, not switching around like he did in In The Trunk and Turn It Up. Slower pace, but still good.
Southern Takeover: 6/10. Not so much. The chorus is a little wack, and the beat isn't great. The rhymes are stale and overdone by hundreds of dirty south rappers.
Radio Interruption: 5/10. Nothing to distinguish itself. The chorus and the rhymes are bad.
Frontin': 10/10. A nice beat that keeps the tension going throughout the song. Fast and hard-hitting.
Grown and Sexy: 8.5/10. Kind of unoriginal, just another song about girls and sex. Okay chorus, slow beat.
Think I'm Crazy: 9.5/10. Chamillionaire storytells so well. The topic is so original, and he makes it sound good and make sense with his rhyming. But the beat isn't great, and neither is the chorus. Is this the chorus to some other song? It sure sounds like it.
Rain: 10/10. Just incredible. It shows how Chamillionaire can make his songs meaningful. When chingy and nelly are saying how many grills they have for fifteen tracks, this is really refreshing.
Picture Perfect: 10/10. The chorus is ridiculous. Bun B also delivers some good and original rhymes.
Fly as the Sky: 9.5/10. I expect this to be the next single. I listen to it over and over just to hear rasaq say "I'm fly as a pelican, Ice on my skeleton". I love it!
Peepin' Me: 6/10. This song is not good. Slow beat, and unoriginal rhymes.
Void in My Life: 9.5/10. Another meaningful song about god. Good rhymes, okay beat.
Outro: 7/10. Pretty good for an outro, can't stand up to the other tracks on the CD though.

J2theBizzo ,

The Sound of Revenge

This is a very good cd from Chamilitary Man. The next in line from great H-Town rappers like Mike Jones (who?), Paul Wall and Lil' Flip to name a few. Turn It Up is hot and a couple new favorites so far are Peepin Me and Fly As The Sky. This album has catchy beats and the way his vocals sound also intrigue me. Certainly worth buying.

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