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12 Ratings

Back to rock n roll!


It's been a long wait for this album. After a very good, but much too pop "Celebrate", James is back to his roots with some hard rocking tracks in this third full length CD.

First of all, the cover photography is excellent and some very special moments were beautifully captured.

I won't review each track but some are standouts begging to be heard by the masses. "Beautiful" could be the breakout hit James deserves after years of street-corner dues being paid. It rocks hard and the soaring, wailing vocals are incredible. "Riot" is one of those moments that comes along once in a songwriter's career and is perfect heavy airplay. "Mustang" leans country and the lyrics are straight from the heart, something James does really well. The anthemic "We are the Unknown" is going to be a live crowd-pleaser, too.

There's a lot going on in this album and it really is worth a buy. Take the trip with James and you'll get a glimpse into his complex mind and beautiful soul.

Keeps Me Alive "RIOT ON SUNSET'


This is my favorite so far. Loving them all. Sunday is Gone is sad because it's about his dad. Who happened to be my first cousin and died from a drug overdose. I think it's a GREAT CD!!!! I LOVE YOU JAMES DURBIN. YOU ROCK!

Rockin again!


Nice job James!!! Definitely Rockin!!!!

About James Durbin

Every season of American Idol has at least one rocker vying for the crown, but few have an honest-to-god metalhead like James Durbin, who wailed his way to a fourth-place finish during the show's 2011 season. Born in 1989, Durbin was raised in Santa Cruz, California, where he was diagnosed with Tourette's and Asperger's syndrome at nine years old. Uncomfortable in social situations, he turned to music instead, developing a larger-than-life stage presence as part of a local theater group and singing lead with Hollywood Scars, a hair metal group inspired by Mötley Crüe and Guns N' Roses. By the time he auditioned for American Idol, he'd moved on to a new band called Whatever Fits.

Singing rock songs by Queen, Muse, and Judas Priest, Durbin became one of the season's leading contenders, earning comparisons to Adam Lambert (another high-voiced Idol alum) along the way. He finished fourth, joined the inevitable "American Idol Summer Tour" several weeks after the show's finale, and released an EP, American Idol Season 10 Highlights, in June 2011. Durbin's full-length studio debut, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster, featuring the single "Love Me Bad," followed in November of 2011. In 2014, Durbin moved in an even more pop-oriented direction with his sophomore album, Celebrate, which featured the single "Parachute." ~ Andrew Leahey

Santa Cruz, CA
January 6, 1989



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