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Instant Classic


I've been waiting for this album since I heard The Morning Pages EP, The Company You Keep a while back and I have to say, it was well worth the wait! The songs are all classics. Seriously, this plays like a greatest hits, not a debut album. There's great instrumental work all over the record and the harmonies by The Pierces are absolutely stellar. Nobody has female backup singers anymore but these guys really pulled it off! I would highly recommend this for fans of Country-Rock or just good old Rock 'n' Roll. I definitely hear the influence of Dylan, Gram Parsons, The Band, Neil Young, Wilco, Will Oldham, etc. but The Morning Pages don't sound like any one of their influences. They take them and make something new and fresh out of it. Do yourself a favor and buy this album!

Instant Classic is right


I just stumbled on to this band a few months ago and haven't been able to put this album down! It's a truly dynamic blend of folk and country rock that delivers from start to finish. It's reminiscent of a folky blues rock sound coming out of the 70's (from acts like The Band and Bob Dylan) but manages to avoid the dated throwback feel of mere imitators. This is a genuine case of great songwriting, solid musicianship, and flawless execution. I saw them for the first time at Scythian's Sunflower Fest and they just blew me away. It's a rare thing these days to find a band that is so much better live than on their LP and these guys are. This band is for real and God willing we'll get a lot more from them soon and for years to come. Do yourself a favor, buy the album, become a fan, support the band. It's well worth it.

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