"Road Less Traveled" by David Osmond on iTunes

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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5

26 Ratings

Well Done!


Good stuff as always!

From his heart to ours


It is quite apparent that the somgs that are being sung on this CD have a very deep and special meaning to the one who is singing them.
With these songs we don't just hear another singer coming to the microphone to sing us some nice songs, but what we do hear is the true heart of a man who has been through his own personal trials in life and KNOWS from where his help and strength comes. Through that personal knowledge he is able to beautifully share his testimony and his feelings through these songs which he has recorded to share with all of us. These are not just songs. No, these are songs from the heart of David Levi Osmond to the hearts of us all. Congratulations David on a job well done!

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