54 Songs, 1 Hour 58 Minutes


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3 out of 5

6 Ratings

6 Ratings

Too expensive


No album price have to buy each track for 99 cents is a rip off

Why can't I buy the album


I looked at this before and swear there was an album price of the $9.99. I bought vol 1, and the came back to purchase this album and no full album? I can buy both on line for $19.99. I would not have wasted the money on volume 1.

Missing some songs

Yamada Seina

The Robotech The Movie The Untold Story songs, both movie and radio versions, are now unavailable. At a convention they said there would be an extended version of In My Heart on the new CDs but it never happened. There is at least one Robotech II The Sentinels song that is missing here, when Seb jumps off a cliff pursued by inorganics. Also, an instrumental version of the Minmei version of The Way To Love is in episode 66 when Rook sees Romy. There should have been a 4th disc because there's more.

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