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Jonny F. Member

Definative rock opera genius. Top 10 all time. You must dig it!

Leaves a longtime Makers fan scratching his head . . .


I'm not sure I understand the critical acclaim for this album. I got an advance copy of this CD when it came out and I had to investigate to make sure it was from the same band I had come to know and love. I'm not against a group making a departure from their earlier style, but the Makers seem to have abandoned the energy and fire that made them great before. I'm sorry but this whole project seemed a bit haughty to begin with. Most of the record makes me want to yawn - "Too Many F**kers On The Street" being the only exception. I would recommend any established fans of this band to steer clear of this one. It absolutely breaks my heart to trash a Makers album, but, sorry guys, I'm just not feeling it . . .

Still Gods.

stuck in chicago

This record is an under-rated, under-heard classic, and while it's likely to stay that way - anyone who likes Bowie at his loudest, or Iggy Pop at his most over-the-top, and can appreciate a well written record about the (never realistic) dreams of a Pacific NW rock band ... this is about as good as it gets. Flawless execution, possibly timeless - 8 years on i'm still listening to it. Great Stuff.

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