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32 Ratings

Anya Red ,

Rocky's a Smash, but I'm Over the Moon for Apollo

I'm not gonna lie, when I first heard that Rocky was made into a broadway show, I thought "how are they going to pull that off?"
But they did, and they did very well.

This show blew me away when I saw it. Andy Karl is perfect for the part. Nobody could have done this better. Margo Seibert has an amazing voice. Their chemistry is nice, which adds great motivation to the story, which can very easily be hindered.

But what really completes the show is Terence Archie, as Apollo Creed. While Apollo from the original movie was good, Archie takes the character to a whole new level. THIS Apollo Creed is still reigning champion and a natural showman, but he is so good that nobody can measure up, making him bored with every professional out there. He still loves the game, but is looking for someone to challenge him. This makes for a much better dynamic between the two when Rocky gets in the ring, making that last fight more interesting.

Rocky fights for the underdog, but Apollo searches for the reason he loves the sport so much in the first place, whereas in the movie, the character's attitude is blasé like "yeah, yeah, another fight/publicity stunt. Let's just put on the show and get it over with." This show proves that half of a good fight comes from you and the other half from a well-matched opponent.

It really shows how important it is to consider both the physical and the mental components of taking action.

Firepower55257 ,


I saw this show on Saturday (6/7/14) and fell in love! I was skeptical, but it was AMAZING!
I am totally obessed with the music! Andy Karl is so incredible as Rocky!

Mark Geusic ,

A real Knockout!

This show and the music really captures rocky's love story and his hard work to show people he's not a nobody. The music of this show is one of a kind and the story is so love able. Love Wins.

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