21 Songs, 1 Hour 9 Minutes


A new score for a new adventure in a galaxy far, far away.

Mastered for iTunes


A new score for a new adventure in a galaxy far, far away.

Mastered for iTunes

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4.2 out of 5
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341 Ratings
ThePhantomThieve ,


You can tell this was definitely rushed. He was hired to do the music in 4 weeks after all. There's some nice stuff here but other than that, not very memorable. Hopefully Disney won't make a score for Star Wars an after thought like for this one. Would of loved to see what Desplat would of done, shame they got rid of him for the "it" guy Michael Giacchino.

MoonshineStill ,

Read this if you don't understand how trailer music works...

First of all. For everyone who is expecting music from the trailers, you need to understand that trailer music is always separate from the film score. The film composer is almost never involved in music for the trailers. Originally Alexandre Desplate was hired to score Rogue One. I read a review where someone was upset because Desplat's trailer music was written before he departed as Rogue One's composer, and that Giacchino's score isn't as good as the trailer music. Well, Desplat did not compose/arrange the trailer music. It was done by various trailer music companies, such as audiomachine, Immediate Music, Really Slow Motion Trailer Music, etc etc.

Now, as for the film score itself. Ultimately, Giacchino had 4 weeks to score the entire film because Desplat backed out at the last minute. It's not his fault, though, because rogue one was delayed due to re-shoots, and this created a conflict in his schedule. Given the circumstances, Giacchino did a marvelous job capturing the "Williams sound" while adding his own flavor to the mix. And all within a month's time.

Royal Empire Kings ,

Not enough time to properly compose a Star Wars film.

I'm a big Giacchino fan. Lost, Super 8, Up, Star Trek... the list goes on and on. But he was only given 3 weeks to compose. It shows. Star Wars music is supposed to be a character in the movie. Instantly recognizable. Completely hum-able. I haven't seen the film yet but I've made my way through the score 4 times now. There are a few Star Wars-y sounds that play here and there. But I can hardly find any kind of melody.

One thing I hate about scoring sequels is when the composer will take 5 notes from the pre existing track that we love and then just go off into musical nonsense after we get pumped for a theme we actually know. This score does that a few times. I'd rather it be a complete rehash of old music than to keep hinting at songs we like but ultimately go nowhere.

The other thing this score does that I'm not a fan of is to have 2 to 3 minute tracks that are mostly forgettable ambient sounds that build to a crescendo. Then it abruptly stops just as you think the song might finally be going somewhere. I know that can be effective to emphasize a scene. But it doesn't make for a good listening experience. Unfortunately, I feel like the majority of the score is this kind of thing.

Most of the score is fast and loud sounds when it needs to be action-y. It's slow and quiet sounds when it needs to be serious. But none of that has any real coherent narrative. You won't catch yourself singing along to any of it. Near the end of the score, Your Father Would Be Proud and Jyn Erso & Hope Suite are the two tracks that are the big emotional moments. They are good songs but sound like b-sides from Lost. I felt like Charlie was drowning all over again. Musically that's not really a bad thing but it just doesn't sound like Star Wars. The big action track that actually has somewhat of a narrative is The Imperial Suite. I like this one. It's about as good as the First Order theme in TFA.

If you love Star Wars and scores as I do and you just want to check out a couple more tracks then I'd recommend Jedha City Ambush, Rouge One, Scrambling The Rebel Fleet, AT-ATC Assault, and The Master Switch. They all have moments that are good but there's just not any of the sweeping themes that I love about Star Wars music. I know this is supposed to be a darker film. But there's not much fun in these songs either.

Can you imagine trying to compose just one track in 3 weeks that could live up to a John Williams Star Wars score? Giacchino had the daunting task of composing not just one track but an entire movie score in 3 weeks. No wonder the music is underwhelming. I hope they give Giacchino another shot, a fair one.

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