"Romance Romance (Original Broadway Cast)" by Alison Fraser on iTunes

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Customer Reviews

5 out of 5

8 Ratings

A Solid Musical


I first bought this album when I was in college strictly on the merit that Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap, Enterprise) sang on it. At first it's a simple enough two act musical that spans two seperate but similiar love stories, each defined within the act that owns it, each with a story that is identifiable to anyone that has ever been in love. The score is solid and melodic, the lyrics hauntingly familiar, and the cast of solid talent. You cannot help but to feel what these lovers are experiencing through the emotional characterizations of the actors. The musical itself was not a commercial success to my knowledge, has had a limited success in regional and community theater, but, I firmly believe that it is due to the lack of exposure the audiences have had with the title and not due to the product. Songs such as "It's Not Too Late", which appears in both acts (with different lyrics), sum up the ability of the cast to make you laugh at your own foibles and songs like "So Glad I Married Her" (Act II), remind you why you want to fall in love again with the person you already have, or at all in the first place, "Yes, It's Love" leaves you humming a silly love song that has your heart skipping as you imagine walking down a large city street in the middle of a crowd in the height of tourist season, yet alone in your thoughts. Please do yourself a favor and try this album out, you will not regret it.

Highly reccommend!


Brilliant musical!

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