13 Songs, 41 Minutes


About Globelamp

Globelamp is the solo project of Olympia, Washington-based singer/songwriter Elizabeth Le Fey. Her dreamy, poetic songs are inspired by psychedelic folk as well as glam rock and '90s grunge, with a distinctly Northwestern lo-fi indie sensibility. Originally from California, she began writing songs and performing at small venues in 2010. After moving to Olympia, she became a member of cat-obsessed indie punks Meowtain, who released a self-titled album in 2012. That same year, she also joined Foxygen as a touring member, and was in a relationship with co-founder Sam France. After personal disputes between her and the bandmembers, she was let go in 2013, after which she wrote a blog post revealing all of the inter-band drama, leading fans to think that Foxygen had broken up. Globelamp's debut album, Star Dust, written entirely by Le Fey and featuring musical contributions from France, was released by Gazelle Recordings in 2014. This was followed by The Orange Glow, which was originally released on cassette in 2015 by Psychedelic Thriftstore Recordings/Lolipop Records before it was given a wider release in 2016 by Wichita Recordings. ~ Paul Simpson

Mission Viejo, CA