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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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Alec Roth "A Time to Dance" Ex Cathedra

"A Time to Dance" is incredible on many different levels. The way the poems are arranged and set to music to form a more encompassing story is genius. The humor, the passion, and the sadness of life's brevity are homogenized in a piece of such beauty, it cannot be described.

One of my favorite books, "Committed to Memory," is a poetry book of poems suited to being memorized and contains works by most of the poets featured in "A Time to Dance." It has been one of the treasures of my life, and it affected me greatly to be able to hear them once more as part of a musical composition.

Ex Cathedra does a wonderful job interpreting the piece. The soloists are top notch and the trumpets, in particular, are phenomenal throughout. Kudos to the bassoon, oboes and flutes (Thirsty Fly).

About Ex Cathedra & Jeffrey Skidmore

Ex Cathedra is an early music ensemble, based in Birmingham, England, that adapts to the needs of the music it performs. The Choir usually numbers 40 singers, while the Consort consists of eight to 12 singers. Founded in 1969 by Jeffrey Skidmore, who is conductor and artistic director, Ex Cathedra performs early music and new repertoire, presenting choral works from the Renaissance to contemporary pieces commissioned specifically for them. Skidmore and several members had sung previously in the choir at Birmingham Cathedral, and the name was chosen partly as a pun on the term "ex cathedra," meaning, "from the throne" or "with authority." The group aspires to perform with authority, following historic scholarship and pursuing the finest artistry, thereby earning its name. During its 1983-84 season, Skidmore added instrumentalists to the organization as the Ex Cathedra Baroque Ensemble or Orchestra. Ex Cathedra gives concerts in Birmingham and London, performs in festivals in the United Kingdom and Europe, and has recorded on Hyperion, ASV, and Alto.



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