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4.6 out of 5
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9 Ratings
Cap'n Fitz

Spine-cracking rock

Definitely go see these guys live. It's this trippy sort of Yarbirds experience with a drummer who plays like he is possesed. See them now so you can tell your friends you liked them before they got famous.


Classic Album ! Great Sound !

Autumn Chateau & Bruised Tangerines are awesome songs. GO see them live. Their live show is phenomenal !!

Edward S.

Flash Back - Flash Forward!

What at first seems to be an exercise in hazy psychedelic nostalgia, turns out to be a serious swim in the slipstream that catches "the flow" for a fun and rocking ride that's feels way more real than most of the too perfectly polished product that passes for "today's new sounds." It's totally cool and Biff, Bang, Pow!

About The Black Hollies

New Jersey's Black Hollies emerged in 2005 with a mix of '60s-styled garage rock, psychedelia, and gritty soul. Initially formed as a side project by three members of the hard rock group Rye Coalition, the quartet signed with Brooklyn's Ernest Jennings Record Co. and officially debuted in 2006 with the self-produced Crimson Reflections. Bandmates Justin Angelo Morey (vocals, bass), Herb Wiley (guitar), Scott Bolasci (drums), and Jon Gonnelli (guitar) supported the release with a slew of live dates, during which they played alongside fellow garage rock revivalists the Fleshtones and began tailoring their clothing to reflect the songs' retro appeal. Bolasci left the band and was replaced by Nick Ferrante, and the Black Hollies returned to their '60s state of mind with 2008's Casting Shadows. One year later, they chose to record at an outside studio for the first time, resulting in the release of the atmospheric, organ-fueled Softly Towards the Light in early October. The band began its next record, but soon scrapped the sessions. Morey spent a couple years demoing songs and the group returned to the studio in 2012 with a plan to record 20 songs over the course of three weekends. Instead, the next year was spent with the bandmembers, but mostly Morey, adding and subtracting, doing and redoing all the parts until they had a sound they were happy with. Inspired less by garage rock and more by noise rock of the '70s (Can) and '90s (Spacemen 3), the band's fourth album, Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere, was released in late 2013. ~ Andrew Leahey

Jersey City, NJ



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