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It'll just blow your mind


LOVE this CD!! Without irony I will say Charlie Straight rock and ROCK much better than any of y'know.
When I listen to it, I know I am definitely transported to a happier plane and my life seems better right away. Buy this and your mood will lift - guaranteed. Also the lead singer's vocals are very soulful, and right on point. I know you will enjoy this band as much as I do!

"Your House" will make you want the whole album.


I had heard "Platonic Johny" and "Rain," which I really liked. These are the songs that first caught my attention in music videos. The other clips sounded great too, so I bought the album. Then I listened to "Your House," and wow! This song is sad and beautiful and powerful, all at once. It really "gets to me." And it was the song that made me realize that Charlie Straight is "the real thing." Once you hear that song, you've got to get the whole album so you can have everything they've done. Great work, Charlie Straight!

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    Czech Republic
    Aug 2006

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