5 Songs, 19 Minutes


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Forgotten Passages

I was prompted by my friendship with the musician to purchase his EP and listen to it. Nicholas de la Torre has been a friend of mine for a few years now, and I've known him in my musical life to be an accomplished performer, singer, keyboarder, guitar player, worship leader, et cetera.

Having listened to the EP I can only say how amazed I am that he and his bandmates crafted such beauty by somewhat humble means. Yes from my talks with Nick and his wife I gleaned that production costs were done shoe string, which only testifies to their talent, and dedication to their music.

As to the music itself, it is a joy to listen to. It varies in tone, pacing, instrumentation, and lyrical content. It is not the hand clapping all is well stereotype of Christian music, nor is it edgy to be a gimmick or ploy. It is honest in its message and wrapped in deliberate and expertly crafted music performed by able and accomplished instrumentalists. A personal favorite of mine is the violin work on the song "Be Still", performed by Nick's wife Elena.

So if you are looking for honest Christian music from honest imperfect souls filled talent and love of God, crafted by people who clearly know what they're doing in music production, you have no cause to look elsewhere, and glance over this.