12 Songs, 47 Minutes


Smart singer/songwriter pop from the heart.

Mastered for iTunes


Smart singer/songwriter pop from the heart.

Mastered for iTunes

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4.7 out of 5
117 Ratings
117 Ratings

Beyond Excited


I've never been so ready for something in my entire life.

This is gonna be legendary


Her ballads are straight from heaven with soft and sweet lyrics, but her voice shows a strong woman with many emotions ready to tell the world who she is.


Shannon Brascia

I'm so glad you're incorporating the vine clips from Instagram into your album. I was so hoping you'd make those into songs and I'm soooo glad you did! These all sound great so far and I'm beyond excited to hear the rest of what you've created❤

About Ruth B.

The music career of Ruth Berhe (Ruth B), a contemporary singer and songwriter, began in unintended fashion. In December 2014, the Edmonton, Alberta native posted a clip to video-sharing network Vine, in which she could be heard singing a sorrowful original melody with lyrics inspired by the dramatic fairy-tale series Once Upon a Time. The clip's popularity encouraged her to write a full song, "Lost Boy." A performance was uploaded the following month to YouTube, and a studio version was eventually made available for download. "Lost Boy" prompted covers by many aspiring musicians, and it also earned the interest of major label Columbia, which signed Berhe in July 2015. By the end of the year, The Intro -- a four-song EP completed during two days at a Brooklyn studio -- was released for streaming and downloading. It featured "Lost Boy," as well as three other songs consisting of just her voice and keyboards. The following year saw Berhe head into the studio with Grammy-winning producer/songwriter Joel Little to begin work on her debut full-length. The resulting Safe Haven dropped in May 2017. ~ Andy Kellman




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