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10 Ratings

Informative and Entertaining


I started sailing in small boats almost 4 years ago, and I've listened to Franz's podcast, Sailing in the Mediterranean, for almost as long. He is a very entertaining speaker, and has a huge wealth of knowledge on the subject of sailing. So I was very interested when I heard that he had recorded sailing 101 and sailing 103 lessons.

At first I was planning to skip the 101 lessons and wait for 103 because I did not think that there would be much I could learn in the 101 lessons. But with the cold Michigan winter and no sailing opportunities, my patience gave out and I downloaded the first set of lessons in 101.

I am very pleased with these introductory lessons. Even in the first lesson, terminology part one, I learned several things and, as always, I enjoyed listening to Franz. I plan to spend the winter reviewing and expanding my knowledge of sailing with these lessons.

Great prep for ASA 101 and overall instruction


For those of you who are just getting into sailing, nothing can be more embarrassing than looking “clew”-less while on the water. Enter Franz’ sailing audio courses. He gives you what you need to know for sailing basics to be a smarter and safer sailor, and get you prepared for the ASA 101 course if you decide to take it. I ended up listening to these after I had already taken ASA 101, but still learned a great deal, plus it was a good review too. The recording quality is top notch, and Franz has an even-keeled (no pun intended) way of speaking that is easy to listen to. He speaks from lots of experience, so he includes personal anecdotes that make it more interesting to learn the important topics and rules of the road, so-to-speak.
This is well worth the investment for most of us who don’t have time to sit and read paper books, or as a supplement to reading paper books. Of course it doesn’t take the place of real on the water experience, but every bit of knowledge helps!


Lovin it 467677793

As a pretty competent sailor, I was skeptical at first to be taught anything from a audio lesson. Notwithstanding the shortcomings of the non visual experience in learning, I would recommend these lessons to anyone, experienced or totally green. Franz does a superb job of explaining the otherwise complicated task of sailing. The lesson plan is simple in nature, grows on a set of building blocks, culminating in the best class for sailing I have seen to date. The audio quality is fantastic. I did not hear strange background noises that make it hard to hear or turn your attention away from the voice of the Franz. His voice is pleasing to listen to, which you'd think would not be a big deal, but given the amount of time you are listening to him makes a huge difference. I learned a great deal through his easy to understand, but accurate verbiage, lessons on sailing. He has a unique ability to share his personal experiences in each of the given topics and subjects, and I enjoyed the personal stories so much that I began to remember the topics for the examination because I enjoyed his stories so much. I highly recommend these to everyone.