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32 Ratings

Saw him in concert and .... WOW!!!

Mr. 2e,

This man is fantastic!! He is a ukulele savant! The day i got back from Hawai'i (to Alaska mind you) i went to a concert...and i don't mean to sound juvenial, but he blew my mind. His musical genius is overrun merely by his easy going attitude. Thank you Jake, the live album is wonderful!


ListenUp (~)\(~),

Way back in the way back - we used to listen to a Hawaiian Boy Band called PURE HEART... They were sort of Hawaii's version of Boys to Men / New Kids On The Block... They had a whole lot of Aloha Spirit & a lot of FUN! You know - how it is when you spend your life on a tropical island playing in the SUN! Jake was Pure Heart's Heart & Soul... A Ukeulele Savant for sure... We refered to him as; "Jimi Hendrix on the Uke' " Well many years later - Jake has grown up... & like a fine wine - he has matured into one of the most spectacular musical talents in the world! You think I'm exagerating? Pour yourself something cool - position yourself in a sun drenched relaxing spot & take a listen... If by the end of "JS LIVE" you don't agree - your next Mai Tai is on me... see you @ The Moana Surfrider Beach bar @ SunSet - you can buy me a Mai Tai if you like... Oooo & if the aloha karma is shimmering with the trade winds - we might catch Jake Live.... hahahaha That's the great thing about Hawaiian music - no matter how big they become - they'll still play the local gigs - & stay humble while blowing your mind. Jake's Live is a Laid-Back Hawaiian Time Aloha Spirit CLASSIC - Shaka Brah... Thanks Jake - You're The MAN! Keep Strumming those Tunes... I'm Loving every Note! MAHALO :~)


Der Hammerhai,

If you get the opportunity to see Shimabukuro perform live, GO. You get so much from his show. A stellar performance and a musical lesson all in one. I found him when surfing the net for Lyle Ritz. What a find!!!! The best thing about this musician is that he tries to see what can be accomplished within what some would call the confines of the ukulele. There's a limited register--and yet he accomplishes so much. Jazz, classical, classic rock, BLUEGRASS, 80's pop, percussive use of the strings and uke, flamenco... It's amazing! He's stretching the boundaries of the ukulele. Leave your grass skirt at home! (I can type that b/c I have one.) The Bach is great. Look for him in an upcoming film on Bach. What talent!

About Jake Shimabukuro

Ukulele master Jake Shimabukuro has taken the four-string, two-octave instrument to places no one could have imagined back in the golden years of Don Ho, ranging freely across the music spectrum from jazz, blues, and funk to bluegrass, classical, and folk with the ease of a musician fully in command of the possibilities of his chosen instrument.

Born November 3, 1976 in Honolulu, Hawaii, Shimabukuro was given his first ukulele lesson by his mother when he was only four years old. Fascinated by the uke, he eventually began playing regularly at a local Honolulu café. He was a founding member of Pure Heart, and played on the trio's first two albums before leaving to form Colon. In 2001 Shimabukuro began his solo career, releasing Elaine Maru (In Memory Of) on Surfside Records that same year. He signed with Epic in 2002 and released Sunday Morning on the label a year later, following it with Skyline in 2003. In 2005 he found an international distributor for his own label, Hitchhike Records, and began issuing his own music, including Crosscurrent, Dragon, My Life, and the much lauded Gently Weeps, which included a haunting version of George Harrison's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."

By that time, Shimabukuro had completely rewritten the book on the possibilities of the ukulele, and his skill on the instrument attracted the ear and attention of Béla Fleck, who has used Shimabukuro as both an opening act and as a sit-in guest with the Flecktones. Shimabukuro's 2011 release, Peace, Love, Ukulele, topped Billboard's World Albums chart, and he followed it with Grand Ukulele, produced by Alan Parsons with orchestrations by Kip Winger (and recorded live with no overdubs), in the fall of 2012. Three years later in October 2015, Shimabukuro returned with Travels, a collection less ambitious in scope than its predecessor but still quite varied. His next project, 2016's Nashville Sessions, was the product of only six days' worth of recordings, reflecting original compositions written on the spot and played with a new trio Shimabukuro assembled for the set. ~ Steve Leggett

    Honolulu, HI
  • BORN
    November 3, 1976



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