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Even broken wings can fall way

Raymond Fineron,

This song was always amazing to begin with, absolutly love what they did with this the second time around. I love the speech where the intromental was and I love how mature it sounds. Listening to the origianl version and now this one you can hear how much they have matured as a band. I feel like such a proud parent.



This group has been one of my favorites since the first time I heard them just over a year ago. The simplicity of the piano in the beginning makes you want to listen to te rest of the song as soon as it starts. It's a song that is empowering and makes you believe that no matter what, you're worth it, you belong, and there is always someone willing to listen. I find myself drawn to this song more than their others, especially now that it is re-recorded to include Sam's speech, because I have been in a situation where I thought I was lost and no one was there for me because no one cares. I can't wait for this band to become better known because unlike a lot of the groups out there today, this group DESERVES to be heard.

About Paradise Fears

Emo-influenced alternative rock band Paradise Fears were formed in Vermillion, South Dakota by several high-school classmates. The six-member group features Sam Miller (vocals), Jordan Merrigan (guitar), Cole Andre (guitar), Lucas Zimmerman (drums), Michael Walker (keyboards), and Marcus Sand (bass). After graduating, Paradise Fears began performing and recording their music and released several EPs, including 2008's The Secret to Dropping Out and 2010's Make Them Believe. In 2011, they released their full-length debut album, Yours Truly, and toured with several other established acts including All Time Low, the Summer Set, and Forever the Sickest Kids. A headlining toured followed in 2012. ~ Matt Collar

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